Monday, September 14, 2009

Weekend local fun day leads to a moral dilemma

Yesterday I helped out at stall for a local disabled charity my wife works at, bizarrely they dont have a website but this mentions them: Dovetail Two they do alot of good work! Yesterday we were at the following event Local Fun Day.

Before the event started and after most of the stalls had finished setting up, including us, I had a walk around with my daughter who had spotted a licorish sticks at a sweet stall from 100 yards. After purchasing she commented this bag is really small then I starting thinking profit and it reminded me of these cool free little games from the Rich Dad Corp Rich Kid Smart Kid Games - 'Jessies Ice Cream Stand' game - smaller scoops larger profits... Yes I have become a man posessed :)

I then spotted a book stall from MenCap Bromley, all books 20p and slowly walked around carefully looking for anything I might want. I found Freakonomics: A Rogue Economist Explores the Hidden Side of Everything and bought it for the 20p, on amazon at least worth absolute minimum - second hand market = £1.08 + PP most seller charging ~ £2.75 so possible some profit there also. Now the challenge doesn't start for another couple of days so I am not going to use this purchase but still... Enter Moral dilema - is this 'robbing' from charities? and should I use a method like this in my challenge, there is obviously alot of profit to be made from people that don't understand the value of what they are selling, but this seems like taking advantage, if most of their books they would be happy to get rid of for 20p have I helped them out or should I have offered them more money? I didn't know how much it was worth at the time either just that it seemed under priced....

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