Thursday, September 10, 2009

come on come on come on.... let's do it

I have created a google docs spread sheet to track everyones progress -

This is openly shared with everyone, so if you also want to take part, just add your name (or alias if you don't wish to share) as a row in the table and use it to let everyone else how you have got on....

Please don't mess up other people's info, that would be really annoying....

The idea is you put your actual amount under the date column for a given target


  1. Maybe worthwhile adding in the spreadsheet how you achieved the increase into next month ... thinking about joining ... not sure yet

    Good luck


  2. Hey, this prodded my curiosity stick too :) I cant even begin to think how to make £1 into 2! intrigued...

  3. TDV - I have added a row for Strategy/Method Description for each participant.

  4. Ok... I'm interested on this... BUT.. the thing is having that million dollar idea that will double the money every time.... I've seen many stories about how someone with a worn shoelace trade it with a pencil and then with a pen and kept trading until he had lots of cash.. but that's just a story... wonder if it could be done. There is also the pyramid scheme... but that's considered illegal in most countries...

  5. Eduardo,

    But isn't that the point and for me it's certainly the idea behind the challenge, this isn't about the million dollar idea; just for today have the £1 to £2 idea and execute it starting tomorrow, and do it within one month!

    Is that easy or not? I tell you and you tell me once the month is up, if you want to give it a try, just add a row for yourself in the spreadsheet in the same format as the other guys/girls...