Sunday, January 31, 2010

testing testing 1.. 2.. 3..

just testing connectivity between my blog and my twitter account via, seems like a good idea!

Monday, January 25, 2010

This morning at London Bridge, Money and man urinating found

This morning on my way to work because of the rain I went a slightly different way out of the station, walking up onto the central bridge to exit via a more covered platform, as about to turn to go down the stairs I noticed a scrunched up piece of paper on the floor, looked like it might be money, I was hoping! Much to my surprise it was £5.00, pleased with my find; hoping it might reinvigorate my doubling challenge I turned down the stairs only to observe a man urinating on the stairs, I turned away as if I hadn't noticed and carried on walking, excuse the pun but it slightly dampened my spirit.

Although I am now the only one still ahead of target even without today's find, the months have been flying by, the £8 and £16 target came and gone extremely quickly, and for sometime I have been spending too much time reflecting and being busy with the rest of my life and not enough doubling action, some time ago I bought 99p's worth, or 11 packets of shortbread to sell again at work, again at 20p per 2 fingers that should have returned £11.00, but haven't got around to selling them - lame! One guy, at work, did ask if I had any more and I sold him 2 for £1 - he insisted - I will give him the other 8 for 'free'.

With the 15th February £32.00 target approaching quickly I need to get moving again and sharp-ish! Need to sell off the shortbread and with the £5 today I should be nearly there!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Magic moola, well almost

Awhile back when I was looking at the 30DC I set up a google alert, which is basically an email to you per day of a google search result on your given keywords, the difference between this and a standard google search is that the alert contain new finds, found in the last 24 hours, my keywords were "Double your Money".

It sometimes returns some interesting results, but most of the time it returns the same kind of drivel over and over again, a number of results about forex trading - make £400 in 10 minutes with our no brainer rules - is this possible - who knows? Something about a famous sports player moving from one club/team to another. Another being witty about the best way to double your money being to fold it over and put it back in your pocket and even more witty about a way of doubling your money in 54321 years. As I said mostly crud.

But recently it mentioned something that caught my eye, a web site that paid you for playing online games, not too arduous - each player starts with 1p paid for by advertisers paying for you to watch a commercial before the each game begins, if you win you immediatly double your money; by winning the other players money, if you lose the game you reset back  to 1p. You play players at the same monetary level as yourself, and you can cashout at any point, so 28 wins in a row?? 1 million dollars...

Unfortunately on further inspection it is only available to US and Canadian citizens, coming from the UK this doesn't help my journey whatsoever, for doublers over there why wouldn't you give it a go?