Monday, September 21, 2009

Recession, mindset and a way forward?

I don't know how much you all know about the law attraction. It simply states that "what you focus on, give energy and emotion to, you get more of." - see The Secret for a slick package of the topic.

If you look at how this applies to money, on a personal level; if you focus on getting out of DEBT, your focusing on debt; so you get more debt. This may sound a bit hokey! but it makes you wonder...

If you focus on accumulation and what you want in life, why do you want money and what would you use it for and put energy and focus into that, that is also what you'll get - simple right.

Now with the help of google trends, if you look at the below graph, since the tail end of 2007, the volume of news articles around "recession" rose significantly (blue line in search volumes and news stories).

Google Trends - recession, accumulation, inflation, deflation

Now I'm not saying the media is accountable for the global recession, they just push stories that will sell papers.

But if you believe in the law of attraction, then what we think and feel can have a massive impact to our current and future situations, on a personal scale and our focus. And the kind of bombardment of news about particularly negative items like recession must have some impact on the individual's mindset.

For the challenge I am asking people to think about how they can accumulate, see - The Challenge which is at a complete juxtaposition to recession in terms of the internal mindset, instead of constriction and a belief in the scarcity of resources, the challenge is asking a simple question - can it be done? 100% profit within one month, and then repeated month on month for a year. This focus's the individual at a stretching but hopefully achievable goal, that requires immediate action.

So this challenge is not only a challenge as stated but also an experiment in the law of attraction :)

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