Sunday, September 6, 2009

from £1 to £2

from £1 to £2 - my first thoughts were it's a childs amount

How would a budding child entrepreneur do this?
  • Lemonade stand
  • Bake cookies/cakes to sell.
  • Buy something a pack (multiple items) of something cheap and repackage it (single items).
  • Wash cars - buy cheap cleaning + warm water
What can't you do?
  • Online marketplaces like eBay and Amazon are out due to fees, requiring more than the £1 you start with??
  • No gambling (children not allowed) - but maybe a possibility for an adult?
  • No investing on the stock market - due to fees.
  • No high unit price items.


  1. Ok... I liked your challenge... here's a thought:

    1. Setup a blog with a catching name

    2. Place ads (like adsense for example)

    3. Paint, write, whatever the name of your blog on your car using material already available at home (remember you can't buy materials for this)

    4. Make sure you keep your site/blog interesting

    5. Get support ($$) from local companies for exchange for publicity on your blog

    6. Cross your fingers your idea is so extremely cool and magnetizing everybody wants to join and help you out :)

  2. thanks Eduardo - it's great to get some feedback!

    Personally I want to do this via a number of creative and challenging strategies(which hopefully will create some interesting content); And I'm interested in what will remain the same and what will change as we go through different amounts/target. I'm not thinking about SEO and advertising as a strategy into the challenge at this time. Feel Free to give it a try yourself using your idea.

    Also, I want to make 100% profit purely from the seed or previous target; I am thinking seed money + creative thinking = 100% profit - I'm trying to inspire the entrepreneur in myself and others to start thinking ?how it could be done?