Wednesday, September 9, 2009

thinking about bootable Ubuntu USB keys

Just thought about a possibly good idea for the lower value targets.

My wife has recently been complaining about the slow performance of our home PC running Windows XP, it has a strangly partitioned drive... and she has no patience for technology, and I caught myself starting to thinking about purchasing either a bootable Ubuntu CD, DVD or USB key, as I couldn't download immediately. I could see various people selling them online for £4, £5 and £8 pounds... then thought hang on this could be one for the challenge to make some profit, you can download the distribution for free and put it on any one of the above media, reasonably cheaply, for convient re-sale, I wonder how legal that is? I'll have a read tonight through the license; around resale....

Had a quick look online and you can pick up 1G USB sticks for around £2 - I think I could sell to people for around £5, maybe one for the £2 to £4 month? I wonder how much you can get USB sticks for if you are prepared to make a bulk order, though shifting them in bulk in a one month period may hold some charm of it's own; could be interesting... hmmm.

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