Thursday, September 17, 2009

From £1 to £2 (part 2)

Since the challenge has started I have had a number of interesting discussions, everything from

  • Creating your own Country in your garden, meeting the criteral to start your own country, so you can have your own currency and currency printing mechanism.
  • Automatic ebay searches/filters, to find low cost / no P+P items to source items.
  • Car Boot fairs to source items.
  • How fine grained do you get over expenses, if you buy a cake mix for 99p, normally you have to add something like an egg, or milk, which you may already have at home, but would you have then gone over budget? also should you account for electricity or gas on cooking the item?
  • google ads.
  • paypal sign up bank account verification debit amounts.
Also just found this...
Forum discussion - What can you buy for 20p

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