Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My first step or two on my doublers journey

I have finally past two major milestones:-
  1. I have sourced my first product(s), I have spent 27p of the first pound, and believe from repackaging alone (and a different marketplace), I can translate that up to £3.00 (15 x 20p sales), let's see how I get on tomorrow. If it all works I'll detail in blog in a day or so exactly what I did.
  2. I finally got the sprinklepenny.com widget working, see top left of my blog, who knows what that will bring. Time will tell!

I have also linked to a number of other doublers blogs; mainly from doublersden.co.uk, see bottom left hand side "Other Doublers".

I am now looking at the upcoming football fixtures and odds to see where to put 5 x 10p bets on this week and weekend.

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