Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Challenge Day 15 - Update

It's now officially half way through the first months challenge.

You may think 15 days isnt long - this guy changed his body this much in 15 days! pretty mad!

No one is completely out yet! Nearly everyone appears to be making good progress!

I have spent a little time and managed to do well in retail and not so well with a gambling experiment. I have learnt about opportunities that were always around me - "diamonds on the soles of your shoes!", that I had never noticed before. Oh and yesterday I found a penny on the floor.

Thomas has been lucky; he found £5. He has bought some cheap items from his original £1 at a flea market/boot fair and already sold one of them on eBay and has another item on the go, making a profit so far. He did notice the eBay more than normal as the seed amount was so small to begin with. Also he very opportunistically became a waterboy when the local kitchen in our office temporarily closed down. 5p a cup - magic!

Malcs and Team Ganapathiraman and Ramesh had less than perfect starts but have enough time to recover, both have learnt alot about eBay.

Stew has one item on eBay that he sourced from a boot fair; which looks like it should do very well. No bids yet

Essex Girl has shown us all how it's done by picking an item up at a boot fair and selling it for a great profit on eBay!

Vikram, has won a bet making the seemingly improbably a reality.

Sieng told me about some plans but I haven't heard how he is getting on, will be very interested to hear how it's going!

I haven't heard anything from Pinal or Danny come on guys, time is running short!

So far, I have made over £5 in google advertising on the blog. I am thinking alot more the content of my posts, spell checking and all. The blog is slowly gaining in popularity and it is getting well indexed on google searches coming up top for "recession way forward", and high for "double your money", but not quite as well on yahoo or bing, I will continue to work on that in the coming month - any tips??.

I think I find out what I have made through sprinklepenny tomorrow. I have now setup an amazon affiliate account, and put some links to products, which I think I make 10% on any sales made from that click off my site. Not sure whether to include none, some or all of these amounts in my challenge or not yet - not sure when they become liquid - maybe if I tithe I will feel great about it and will have to include it!

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