Wednesday, October 7, 2009

piece of cake for sale, yesterday I turned 0.94p into £5.20

So yesterday was another big day for my challenge.

I went looking for more shortbread, but it looks as though either none were in stock in my local shop or they have been discontinued? interesting....

So I went back to my plan B and bought 2 sponge cakes for 0.46p each, cut them into 6 slices and marketed them for 50p/a slice, after a few hours with only a few sold I then dropped the price down to 40p a slice.

So I sold 4 pieces at 50p and 8 pieces at 40p. Not as good a return as the shortbread but still very good.

This took my retail project; from the original 27p spent on shortbread to over £8 now. With the two events.

Money, Money, Money.... Money!

Strangely although this wasn't as much of a mark up as the shortbread, I didn't get the feeling as was giving the same level of value for the price... Maybe the 50p was moving too close to local market values; or the product itself wasn't quite as good.

I like win/win/win situations if at all possible, not sure if yesterday was one; even thou I managed to sell all the pieces and make a good profit; not sure if my friends/customers were getting a real 'win'...

Cake Here - All Gone!

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