Monday, October 12, 2009

Adding SprinklePenny to your site

The stanard sprinklepenny instructions are as the below link; they assume you have the ability to upload files to your server, which you don't if you have a blog site.

Standard instructions are as follows from -  you'll need a logon to see these!

OK so you get stuck at step 1, as you can't upload the script, and your probably not sure where the .gif will go.

Stage 1 - update your blogger template

So ignore the image for now, download the sprinklepenny.js file; this has your SP 'publisherId' which is important to you! open this file and copy the contents.

On your blogger account:-

Goto 'Layout' tab

go to

Then select 'Edit HTML'

goto the bottom of the template code (Just above the < / body > tag and add

the code as instructed in step 2 of the standard instructions.

then add a new set of script tags and paste the contents of the .js file within 'script/javascript' tags.

amending the '&' symbols to '& amp ;' (without the spaces) within the 'script' tags, otherwise your template will NOT save correctly.

Stage 1 complete!

Stage 2 - now add the badge

save these changes, then goto, 'Page Elements' tab

Select 'Add a Gadget'

and select 'HTML/JavaScript'

now add the div, as instructed in the standard instructions step 4, but amend the image to the sprinklepenny version, i.e.

Hopefully now you should be good to go, save and preview your blog again and you should see the sprinklepenny logo

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