Friday, October 9, 2009

Aggressive acceleration?? Is it the right way to go?

I was having a chat earlier on in the week with one of my work-mates.
About my front loading or ahead of target approach and he mentioned something that has struck a chord with me.

I am perfectly happy for the participants in the challenge to accumulate as fast as they can, much as I was doing before this little chat. But it doesn't make sense for me to do so, when writing this blog, I am doing it in the context of the here and now and if I am ahead of target; by however many targets, it doesn't make for much empathy to the other participants and the current months seed and target amounts and the type of approach required for that stage in the challenge.

I heard a saying once that "a herd of buffalo travel only as fast as the slowest buffalo in the pack", Am I quoting comedy cowboy films, anyway I think it resonates quite well with my current situation.

Also, I could get lazy if too far ahead, like children's story - the hare and the tortoise, my lead could quickly become short lived if I do get lazy at any point.

So, what to do now? I have been thinking about making the challenge more than simply money accumulation/multiplying, and have been thinking about charity, giving away the 'overhang' could bring the two of these things together.

You might think this is a crazy, why throw away any gain you have made? or pointless, the amounts are so small - what's the point? thing to do.

  1. It means I can still, and will be even more motivated to aggressively attack each target, but still within the context of the previous months seed amount.
  2. In terms of the law of attraction, this action sends out a powerful message to the universe that I truly believe in the abundance of resources and due to this I will be even further rewarded than I would have been if I hadn't given this excess away, purely because of this belief. That would be interesting to test, not sure how I would do it in a controlled way?
It then raises another question, of which charity to support? There are so many good causes to back. Would the amounts be too small to setup a charitable trust? This would be the way to go to support different good causes. I'll have a little investigate about what is involved to set one up!

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