Monday, March 22, 2010

Needing pounds, finding pennies

Ok so I just found a penny on my local station platform, my initial thoughts were - cool - that's another penny for my challenge. My subsequent thoughts were hmmm I need more than pennies to get back on track...

I'm still not taking enough action!

Finding pennies may get me to my target amount... eventually, but not in my target timeframe, I was thinking if I slipped one or two months but still achieved my 1 year target, just in 13 or 14 months - would anyone notice? Obviously I would know which wouldn't be good, but still begs the question - who am I doing this for? If just me - would I be happy with myself if I changed the rules of the game, I am just about still playing?

Well no I wouldn't - this was suppose to be a mind/context shifting experiement, and in some small ways it already has been, in others I have simply learnt if I take no action I basically don't get closer to my goals - shocker...

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