Wednesday, March 17, 2010

moving forward but too slowly

OK so I have sold a hat on zazzle to someone in AUS and got a larger amount of money - £1.30, previous sale to someone in the US only yielded 0.79p; so quite a significant difference, I have found a few bits of money on the way and home from work (2p and 1p) on separate occasions and lastly I have created quite a few more products on zazzle as it appears to have started to yield some income, yesterday I sold a newly designed mug and also got a referral fee - I think because I directed them to my zazzle shop so gained a whopping £1.12 for the mug and £2.09 for the referral, so I didn't make the March target of £64 on 15/3/2010, but at least I am now above the February target of £32 - see leader board to the left.

Over the weekend I created a number of zazzle products based on Indian English - hope this isn't seen as a bad thing, I have been working with some offshore partners and some fun phrases have come up, that I thought over people would appreciate!

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