Monday, November 2, 2009

Where has month two gone, going ???

OK so this month of the challenge appears to be rapidly disappearing!

We are already a couple of days past the halfway mark and I still don't feel as though I have contributed much this month and without hearing too much from the other participants I am left wondering is it just me or has some of the buzz of month 1 starting to wane?

I hope people are still with me.

Make me think of one of my favourite Winston Church quotes

"Success is going from failure to failure with no loss enthusiasm."

I have recently sold some items that I had around the house, and had my first real attempt at selling stuff on ebay, I was thinking about some or all of the proceeds towards the challenge, but that doesn't really make any sense as it doesn't involve the previous seed money at all and isn't any of my creative effort - although an interesting experience in itself - I'm not going to include the funds from these sales in the challenge. One thing it did make me realise is for some items I have no concept of value or the interest that will be produced for particular items - we sold a dolls pram and some real prams, and the toy version drew significantly more interest and a higher price - I was completely clueless about its value.

I have setup a number of products on zazzle and submitted my store to google and uploaded the products to google base so they are appearing on google shopping in the UK. Much to my amusement appearing top for a little while on google organic search for the phrase 'spank me big boy'! Thou my product descriptions weren't particularly well thought through and are glib at best.

Last time I checked I hadn't made any sales as of yet, but it's another stream that I can add products to every now and then without too much effort and see if it produces any sales over the coming year. Makes me wonder how many of zazzle shop's purchases are from the designers?

Think tomorrow I'll pop in with another round of shortbread to sell. Hopefully will be just as successful as last time!

The only other thing I have planned for this month was another gambling test. I was thinking from lasts months experiment with gambling leaving me reflecting on the saying - the house always wins - which is really the side of the equation I want to be on, what if I used a site like betfair where you can play both sides and mimic odds provided on a single event for eventualities that a big successful bookies would offer, shouldn't I always win to the same extent?


  1. Ive set up a site that might be useful for your money making challenge Good luck!

  2. Great ideas and inspiration.

  3. Thanks for the comments!

    I'll hook you both up on my 'other doublers' section.

    Good Luck!