Monday, January 25, 2010

This morning at London Bridge, Money and man urinating found

This morning on my way to work because of the rain I went a slightly different way out of the station, walking up onto the central bridge to exit via a more covered platform, as about to turn to go down the stairs I noticed a scrunched up piece of paper on the floor, looked like it might be money, I was hoping! Much to my surprise it was £5.00, pleased with my find; hoping it might reinvigorate my doubling challenge I turned down the stairs only to observe a man urinating on the stairs, I turned away as if I hadn't noticed and carried on walking, excuse the pun but it slightly dampened my spirit.

Although I am now the only one still ahead of target even without today's find, the months have been flying by, the £8 and £16 target came and gone extremely quickly, and for sometime I have been spending too much time reflecting and being busy with the rest of my life and not enough doubling action, some time ago I bought 99p's worth, or 11 packets of shortbread to sell again at work, again at 20p per 2 fingers that should have returned £11.00, but haven't got around to selling them - lame! One guy, at work, did ask if I had any more and I sold him 2 for £1 - he insisted - I will give him the other 8 for 'free'.

With the 15th February £32.00 target approaching quickly I need to get moving again and sharp-ish! Need to sell off the shortbread and with the £5 today I should be nearly there!


  1. A very nice read....and i see that you have not updated this for quite sometime.

    but i would suggest that the short bread technique worked only with a couple of pounds, but when we are talking about 8 or 16£ we would need to change the technique to something else.


  2. Hey Vikram,

    it's working now, I've only made 1 sale and already 1p in profit and still have 100 shortbread fingers left to sell!

    I agree for the larger targets it won't continually work, but I think it will get me from my current position upto £32.00.