Wednesday, December 9, 2009

DYMC Blog widget stripping and simplified layout

Since watching the Kevin Rose video, I have added a Leaderboard for the people taking part in the challenge, I have also started to take a look at how many 'features'/widgets I had installed on this blog. After getting Firefox PageSpeed Addon, I realised just how slow my page was coming down.

I have made a number of changes and simplifications to this blog layout.

Including  simple tab browsing, from at the top rather than the DYMV Links LHN widget which was taking up important first hit real estate on my site.

I had already removed the amazon affliate banner at the bottom.

I have now removed the facebook connect widget, simplified the Other Doublers, no images and last post snippets. I have also removed the zazzle side bar widget and put it as a seperate post to link from via the tabs.

I have also moved my sprinklepenny badge upto the top of the page, to wear my badge proudly just incase regular viewers want to start helping out my challenge by signing up with them.

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